Fear is a door and Love is the key

These past few days I’ve found that I can’t help but be slightly distracted by current events. I normally attempt to stay focused on my life and my unfolding relationships with family and my community. For the past few years I’ve focused very intently on work and money. Which I’m now learning that abundance comes in many ways and money can be just one aspect of abundance. I’ve found myself drawing pictures and making art more often. I’ve found myself smiling and dancing around our one room house with my son in my arms. I’m stretching most mornings. It is clear to me that my heart is slowly but surely opening up. Love is abundant in our house.

 As my heart opens I’m becoming increasingly more sensitive to the energies that current events carry. We don’t have a TV or facebook, and we just got wifi so it’s been easy to steer clear of the never-ending tsunami of sad news. In reading about Standing Rock and all the other jaw dropping things that have occurred recently, it’s become clear to me that a massive transformation is on the horizon, in fact in many ways its already here. One question I keep asking myself is “How do I help?” or better yet, “What is my role?” Is my role to fearfully react to toxic headlines and then rant about what I read? Would this help? Or would it continue to fuel and circulate the same negative energy? How can we create a new system if we just continue bashing the old one that isn’t working for any of us?

How do we stay grounded when we feel the ground is shifting beneath our feet? The world as we know it seems to be crumbling away and there are many who are grasping on tightly to what they know, only to find that it’s a dissolving illusion! These dark events are bubbling up to the surface and we all get to look at this information in broad daylight. They are symptoms of great change and sadly the change just won’t happen without these events as catalysts. They are sparking us into action giving us the opportunity to heal our wounds. Many are angry and fearful right now and I don’t blame them.

I intend, in writing this, to encourage all of us to remember who we are. To remember what makes us happy. To find out what genuinely fuels us to be vibrant and thriving individuals. If that flame has gone out for us, let’s reignite it. If we haven’t found it yet, let’s be nice to ourselves and love ourselves as much as possible, it will light up. When we react from a place of fear and anger we create more fear, more anger, more unrest and more separation. We are not separate, we are all together.

                It is a universal law that “What we give our attention to, we attract into our life” Whether we believe in that or not, this law is always working. We often think of this in the positive and call it “Manifestation.” However, it works both ways, positive and negative and it knows no difference between the two. It would greatly benefit us to take a step back and find out what negative thoughts and beliefs continue to contradict our progress. When we say “I don’t want this in my life” we are giving that thought our energy and it gains momentum, thus bringing it right to our doorstep. That can be reversed simply by rearranging our thoughts to “I want this in my life” or even better, “I am this.”

                So back to the questions, “How do I help and what is my role?” The most activist thing I think I can do right now starts with finding out what it is I love to do and doing it. This alone can help to heal our world. The next step is discovering how to plug that in. Can my love raise money? Can it bring together helping hands? Does it inspire justice and equality? Can it give shelter? Does it make others smile? I write these words to help me discern how I can be of service to us all and I hope it can help others in their search as well.